Night Productions
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About Night Productions

Night Productions is a name I came up with a long while ago. It stems from the fact that I enjoy the night. And I'm pretty much a night owl anyway - I even work nights.

Night Productions is just me, myself, and I. I'm always up to something or other, and usually have about 5 or 6 things going at once to keep me busy. That's not to say I don't have any time, of course. I'm committed to keeping anything I release working great and bug free.

If you have a small app that you've been thinking of, and think that I could possibly be some help, by all means, email me. I'll answer as quickly as possible to let you know if it is something I'd be able to do or not, or if I am interested.


A little about myself

Where to begin in describing oneself? Hmm…

My name is Michael Nickerson, but I go by Darkshadow online. I got the name from a strange dream that I had one night. From there, I used it as my name on my poetry. Then I started using it as my creative name for various other things, such as the few graphics I do. But once I hit the online community, it was the obvious choice of name, and has pretty much stuck as such.

I'm in to a little bit of everything. I'm one of those “Jacks of all trades” — ask me to do something, and even if I don't know a thing about it, I can usually do it anyway. Which is sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always interesting. <grin>