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I am pleased to announce Picture Switcher version 2.0, a major update.

What's New

Picture Switcher 2.0 has many exciting new features:

Core Image

Core Image is used to create stunning effects on your pictures, as well as adding several new options when transitioning from one picture to another.

New placment

You asked for it, and you've gotten it: there is now a new placement type named “Scale to Fill Screen” which will scale a picture proportionally to fit the screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of Picture Switcher's key options now have settable keyboard shortcuts for them. And, due to popular demand, there is now an option that will change the picture which you can set a keyboard shortcut for.

Applescript support

Picture Switcher is now Applescriptable, with full support for setting the desktop picture and its options.

Picture Switcher was re-written from the ground up, fixes many issues, and increases speed and stability.

Picture is now $30.00 shareware

Through October 3, 2007 11:59 PM EDT it is on sale for $20.00.