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Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Digital Signatures

Last Updated October 26, 2007

Picture Switcher

Re-imagine your desktop!

Picture Switcher gives you additional options that greatly enhance your desktop experience.


Easy access to your pictures

Picture Switcher gives you fast and easy access to your pictures via its picture menu and picture viewer.

Core Image

Picture Switcher leverages Core Image to allow you to create stunning effects on your pictures, as well as giving you different options on transitions from one picture to another.

New placement

Picture Switcher adds a new placement, “Scale to Fill Screen”, which scales your picture proportionally to fit the screen.

New triggers for automatic changes

Picture Switcher adds three new triggers for automatically changing pictures:

  • When an application launches
  • When an application quits
  • When an application launches or quits

Additionally, Picture Switcher allows you to choose a custom time for when the picture changes, anywhere from 5 seconds to 4 weeks.

Settable keyboard shortcuts

Picture Switcher allows you to choose keyboard shortcuts for its options, which can be set to work from Picture Switcher or globally. Among these options is one that will allow you to change the picture with a simple key press.


Picture Switcher has full Applescript support for changing the picture, as well as the settings for the picture. If you have multiple monitors, you can even specify which screen to change the settings for.